Kathleen Hearn

Obituary of Kathleen Hearn

Hearn, Kathleen It pains me to admit it, but apparently, I have passed away. I passed peacefully with my only son John and my granddaughters by my side on July 9th, 2020. I now will check the obituaries and finally see my name there. I was born to Bride and Tom Galway on Bell Island. We had a large family in our tiny house. Meeting me on the other side are my parents, Tom and Bride, and my sisters Betty (Jim), Ag, and Lynn. I will be sadly, sadly missed by my sisters Pauline (Gerard) and Judy (Ken), and my brothers Leo (Madonna), Gary, Ed (Josie), Don and Tom (Lilaine). I will also be missed by my niece and goddaughter Mandy, my great nephew James and many, many, many more nieces and nephews. It was on this island I met and married a beautiful man, John Hearn (Mack). My family grew to include the Hearn’s. Anne, Martin, Rosemary (Nish), and Mart (Carol Ann) will be waiting for me and Jim (Dot), Ross (Howard), Lynn (Derm), and Nora (Pete) are left with wonderful memories. I was so blessed to have them as a part of my life. We had a son, which we also named John and did my best to raise him, and if I do say so myself, I did a fantastic job! And what ex daughter in law has a great relationship with their ex mother in law? Us. Thank you, Doreen, for all of the fun times and memories. An honorable mention to Mary for her submission in my obituary contest. I want to say a huge thank you to those poor f#@!&ers that looked after me in the end. Especially my sisters Judy and Pauline, my niece Lindsey and my favourite home care worker, Cristal (I’m her 9th) and everyone at Coombs Compassionate Home Care. I will miss seeing my above average granddaughters, Madison, Tyler, and Chelsea, grow up to be the incredible people they are meant to be. I will miss my best friend Dorothy; we had some great times. Have another drink for me. I will miss making fun of my family and friends. I will also miss partying and dancing with you all. My life, although tough at times, was full of jokes, laughter, and joy. I enjoyed speaking my mind, making you laugh and telling dirty wise cracks to get a stir out of you. As I leave you all behind, I want to thank all those who were part of my life and the butt of my jokes. In the meantime, I now have the smoking hot body I have always wanted… having been cremated. And make sure you don’t forget my teeth. By da jeezus, Mack better not be late picking me up on the other side. Service to follow on Bell Island at St. Michaels Cemetery. P.S. BOO! To send a message of condolence, please visit www.hickeysfuneralhome.com